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Most of us know where the breaker is to restore the power if it goes off unexpectedly but if making that trip to the electrical box is becoming a regular occurrence it is time for you to consider upgrading the wiring in your home or at the very least having an electrician come in and give the whole system a good going over.

Ask any insurance agent, an older home is almost always at greater risk of fire damage than a newer one (15 years old or younger) because its electrical wiring may not be up to scratch. In homes that are built today the law mandates that the electrical box is located outside the home, something that has been in effect in most areas of the country for about twelve years. However, as the average age of the American home is 44 years there are still a great many potential fire hazards lurking in many homes.

For instance, if your home was built several decades ago the electrical system was not designed to accommodate the kinds of electronics that abound in the 21st century. Big screen plasma TVs, several game systems, stereos that are bigger than ever and a kitchen full of labor saving devices were just not a feature of the homes of thirty or forty years ago. If your wiring has not been upgraded then that means your poor home is locked in a struggle all day every day to try and keep everything running and the lights on.

A good electrician will be happy to come in and evaluate the state of the electrics in your home and make recommendations about what needs to upgraded or changed. This is not a remodeling job that you can show off to your friends nor is it a very glamorous way to invest your cash but it is the best way to avoid an unexpected disaster as well as an inflated home insurance bill.

We are licenced professional electricains that can provide you with the best possible home inspection for your eletrical system. call us today and see whatwe can do for your!

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