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Which Home Generator Is Best For My Florida Home?

Florida Generator WiringIn many areas of Florida, power outages can happen anytime especially during hurricane season. Strong storms or lighting storms leave you stuck in the dark in a house with no refrigerator, lights, or HVAC system. When the power goes down, it’s impossible to tell how long the blackout will last. This is why being prepared with a backup or standby generator is important. You have the edge while the rest of the community may be without power. If you’ve been considering a home generator for your home in Florida, our electricians at Gillis Electric Inc. can help. One of our specialties is generator wiring. Here are some different types of home generators you can choose from.

Which Type Of Home Generator Is Best?

  • Electric Generators
  • Gasoline Generator
  • Diesel Generators
  • Natural Gas & Propane Generators
  • Solar Generators
  • Inverter Generators
  • Automatic Standby Generators
  • Whole Home Generators
  • Backup Generators

There are a wide array of generators to choose from. Some run on electricity, some on solar, and some on fuel. They offer different features such as seamless power supply, whole-home power supply, quiet operation, smart-home system integration, endless operation, and more.

What Size Of Generator Is Best To Install?

This depends on what you want to power in your home. A mid-sized generator of about 30,000 watts will run most of the homes systems in a 1500 square foot home except extras like a hot tub or pool pump.There are larger and smaller generators to choose from. A smaller 10,000 watt generator will power essential plug-in appliances such as refrigerator, lights, furnace fans, computers, garage door opener, etc.

If you want to run a generator endlessly, meaning for however long the blackout lasts, you’ll want to have it installed to run on propane or natural gas from the utility company. This alternative fuel method means you don’t have to worry about filling the generator whenever it runs out of gasoline or diesel.

Generator Wiring Service

A licensed Florida electrician should install the home generator for you. They are directly connected to your home wiring system. Home generator wiring can be complex and is dangerous. Unless you are purchasing a portable unit, please hire an electrician whether you choose us or someone else.

If you have questions or need generator wiring for your Florida home, please call us today at 352-799-3341 or complete our online request form.

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