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Facts About Home Wiring Replacements In FL

Florida Wiring ReplacementThere is a concern over the safety of aluminum wiring, which is one of the major reasons for wiring replacement in Florida. In particular, owners or purchasers of homes built from the mid-1960’s to the late 1970’s with aluminum wiring are finding that many insurers will not provide or renew coverage until the wiring is inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.

The work is inspected by the ESA (Electrical Safety authority) and a copy of the certificate of inspection is provided to the insurer. In some cases, the insurer may require replacement of the aluminum wiring with new copper wiring. Many Florida homes have a mixture of both aluminum and copper wiring.

Aluminum Wiring Problems

Reported problems with aluminum wiring have been related to the overheating and failure of the aluminum wiring terminations. This is due to how aluminum oxidizes and how the wiring is not compatible with devices designed for use with copper.

Aluminum has a higher rate of expansion than copper wiring, which can lead to loose connections, arcing, melting, and fire. Warm cover plates or discolored switches and receptacles, flickering lights, or the smell of hot plastic insulation may be evidence of poor or improperly made wiring connections.

Repair Or Wiring Replacement?

All homes are wired differently and must be assessed on an individual basis by a licensed electrician who is qualified. The Electrical Safety Authority recommends that the homeowner hires an authorized Florida electrical contractor that is knowledgeable in the approved methods of working with repairing and replacing the aluminum wiring. You do have a couple of options.

Aluminum Wiring Upgrades

  • Replacing all the receptacles and switches in the home with ones that are rated for aluminum wiring
  • Treating all other connections at light fixtures and junction points with antioxidant
  • Replacing wire connectors with ones that are rated for aluminum
  • Rewiring the entire house

Rewiring would be the best long-term solution for eliminating the risk of electrical fire and shock. While it represents a substantial investment, you can be sure you won’t be burning out the appliances or catching the house on fire. This is the best solution in a lot of cases, but there may be other measures you can take. For electrical inspections and home wiring services in Florida, call the experts at Gillis Electric, Inc. Our electricians are qualified and highly skilled to give you the best advice.

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