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Need Brooksville Electrical Repair? Call a Pro

If you are like most homeowners, changing a light bulb is about the extent of your electrical repair abilities. Fortunately, there are qualified Brooksville electrical repair contractors just a phone call away. Electrical repairs are one of those things that homeowners eventually have to contend with, and there are several issues at stake that warrant […]

How Electrical Wiring is Classified in Florida

If you plan on doing some electrical wiring, the size of the wire to use is going to become an issue. Here is a quick guide by our Florida electrical contractor on how the wire is classified. The American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as the “Brown and Sharpe” wire gauge system is a standard […]

Choosing the Right Florida Electrician for Emergency Repairs

There’s nothing more essential than a Florida electrician who provides full services including emergency repairs. The need is for a contractor who can deal with any situation affecting your premises, particularly with valuable commercial premises and residential buildings. The best commercial approach is to define exactly what you need, and match the electrical services to […]

How to Find a Home Repair Electrical Contractor in Florida

Florida electrical contractors are important people. Electricity plays such an important role in modern life that no-one wants to be without it for long. Electrical wiring, and the supply of electricity to your home, is something that is taken for granted most of the time. It is only noticed or thought about when something goes wrong. […]

10 Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill in Florida

Saving your hard earned cash on your next electricity bill just got easier than you ever imagined. In this article, Gillis Electric, Inc., your Florida electrical contractor, has compiled the a list of the top 10 tips to help navigate you on your campaign to save money and knock your electricity bill down. Along with each […]

How Brooksville Home Electrical Safety Inspections Can Help You

More than likely, you are already aware of just how essential your electrical work is and just how dangerous it can be. If you should have any problems with your electricity it could lead to serious injury or even fatality. So this is why you need to consider getting a home electrical safety inspection for […]

A Brighter Florida Home with Proper Interior Lighting

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in maintaining a good ambiance in your house. It doesn’t simply provide beautiful appearance but it’s also functional at most times. Aside from the comfort and ease that it provides, proper lighting can also give enlightenment, not just literally. Hence, if you want to end up living in a […]

How Our Florida Electrician Meets Our Needs

How does your Florida electrical contractor meet our needs as a community? If you ask the person next door or any person on the street, they will most probably not be able to tell you. In fact, the services rendered by electrical contractor companies and their electricians are largely overlooked. Only the people who work […]

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